venerdì 8 gennaio 2016

Reading Time

Today I discovered a very funny story for my little students! Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes. I ordered it at once on the amazon and looking forward to receiving it next week. I am already preparing the acrivities to go along or after reading the stoty to the kids.

mercoledì 6 gennaio 2016

Put on your shoes

It's cold outside so it's time to learn some clothes vocabulary. I usually use the videosong from Super Simple Songs which I download from YouTube and also I sewed clothes for my teddy bear. So my little students dress the teddy up while watching and singing along. I sewed shoes, a jacket, pants, a scarf and a hat.

venerdì 1 gennaio 2016

Good Morning, Mr. Rooster

I sewed this cute hand puppet for my little students so that they can put it on the hand and "feel" the song Good Morning, Mr. Rooster by Super Simple Songs whish I found the best song to greet kids in morning classes.